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This interview was part of the Enneagram Global Summit 2015, a free online event which featured today’s top teachers who brought together Enneagram wisdom and experience from around the globe.
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An interview with Sandra was done in September, 2011.
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An interview with George Lewis of the Spiritual Broadcasting Network is available on YouTube.
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An Introduction to the Enneagram with Sandra, interviewed by Iain McNay of Conscious TV is available on YouTube.

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The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues: Finding the Way Home

 This book, published in 2005, continues to mine the profound spiritual teaching contained within the enneagram that was begun in Sandra’s first book. It uses the enneagram as a framework to understand what inner work is all about and how to work with our inner process in such a way that our journey is a fulfilling one, bringing us into direct and sustained contact with our deepest nature. In particular, this book explores the passions delineated by the enneagram — the drives, orientations, and emotionally imbued attitudes that characterize us when we are identified with our personality structure — and shows how the passions transform into the virtues, which describe both inner atmospheres that result from moving beyond our personality structure as well as attitudes that assist us in that transformation.

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The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram: Nine Faces of the Soul 

The publication of this book in 2000 brought to the burgeoning genre of enneagram books one of its most penetrating and spiritually grounded voices. This book became a classic of its kind, finding its way into multiple printings and the hearts and minds of thousands of readers — without exposure from the mainstream organs of media.

One of the first books to explore in an authentic and comprehensive way the original spiritual context of the enneagram, it shows how the enneagram not only reveals the egoic underpinnings of our personality structure, but when understood more deeply can help us contact our fundamental nature. This book illucidates how traversing the inner territory particular to our ennea-type can lead to profound fulfillment and meaning, as well as authentic spiritual realization.

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2003 Review in New Dawn magazine
2001 Review in Enneagram Monthly



Sandra Maitri Presentation to the University of Loyola in Chicago

This article by Michael Huber appeared in the April 2004 issue of Enneagram Montly.

Interview with Sandra Maitri by Andrea Isaacs

This two-part monthly interview appeared in the June and July/August 2004 issues of Enneagram Monthly.

On Sandra Maitri, Hameed Ali and the Diamond Approach®

This excerpt appeared in Tony Schwarz's 2005 book, "What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America."

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